Google shines through Motorola with new Test Drive program

The Droid RAZR M Jelly Bean update isn’t the only thing to get excited for today in the Android world, as Motorola just announced an upcoming program for its handsets. Starting with Android 4.2, Motorola will allow users to Test Drive upcoming software updates going forward.


From the Motorola Blog :

We know it’s important for many of you to get the latest Android software upgrades onto your phones as quickly as possible. With that in mind, we’re also introducing Test Drive, a new program that will allow consumers to take our major software upgrades for a trial run and provide valuable feedback before we launch the upgrade publicly.  Starting with Android 4.2, the next iteration of Jelly Bean, we will release a preview of our software to a few hundred consumers that sign up for Test Drive.  More details on how to sign-up and participate will be announced on the blog soon.

There’s only one little catch that we do hope is clarified soon, and that’s the amount of customers that will be able to participate in the program. Hopefully Test Drive will be available for anyone who wants to check out the new software and not limited to just a few (hundred) lucky people that signed up.

If this move doesn’t have Google all over it, we don’t know what does. We do know that Motorola has given early access of software updates to customers before but a full fledged program like this seems to have a Google touch to it.

With software updates being pushed out at the whim of the carrier, a program like this will allow users to sidestep the normal OTA update so they can get a taste of what’s to come. Of course, there will likely be a price to pay for signing up for this time of program. Much like HTC’s Open Sense, this program might void the warranty of participating handsets. Maybe not. Either way, we hope to see more handset-makers follow suit with programs like this.

Stay tuned for more information about how you can sign up for Motorola’s new Test Drive program!

[Via: AndroidCentral]

  • The article title threw me off. I was thinking they were starting a new test drive program for testing out the latest phones not the latest OS. I don’t want to beta test software on my phone. Damn things are too buggy with a release version I can’t imagine how bad they’d be with beta versions. 

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