Google’s Nexus 7 tablet is on fire — literally

It’s one of the most popular 7-inch tablets on the market. It features Android Jelly Bean, a small compact size, and an alluring $199 price tag for 16GB of storage. Of course I’m talking about Google’s Nexus 7 tablet manufactured by Asus.

It made the news this morning for a slightly different reason and garnered a bit of negative attention to itself as a result. Apparently one Chinese customer bought a new Nexus 7 only to later be disturbed by the site of it randomly catching on fire. It appears to have been caused by spontaneous combustion of the battery. According to the user, the fire was so bad that the black smoke emitting from the tablet began to consume the entire room.

This is hardly the first time a device has spontaneously combusted. There have been plenty of stories in the past about iPods that suddenly blew up as well as handsets from numerous manufacturers. It’s just the misfortune some people have to deal with when they end up unknowingly purchasing a faulty unit. It does pose a significant threat to the user, however. The situation could have been much worse had the Nexus 7 been a phone he was carrying around in his pants pocket when it exploded.

The images of the Nexus 7 are pretty gruesome — that thing is totally annihilated. You can check out the full gallery in the Baidu forum post direct from the owner who identifies online as hong_999999.

[via MiniMachines; translated here; image via Flickr]


  • Brvs

    The side profile shows buttons that do not exist on any nexus 7 that I have seen… I doubt that China has a different version.

    • Good point ! I’m examining my Nexus 7 right now. I don’t see buttons on the side like that.

      • Shauna Morgan

        If I turn my nexus 7, face down, then the buttons would line up with the picture. I read that there is an extra button, that Asus didn’t use, so this pic just might be legit. It’s happened to many electronic devices before, so it doesn’t speak to the quality of the Nexus 7. They’re electronic devices. All them have defective units. Thankfully, just like most, my Nexus is in perfect condition and I couldn’t love it more!

  • fran farrell

    Gosh, imagine how could a Chinese user have a device blow up just as Chinese officials are pulling the plug on all things Google. How could that happen without some communist help?

    • Anonymous

      Women are not as intelligent as men.  I see proof of this everyday.

  • Anonymous

    And here I thought Google’s motto was “do no evil”.

  • Webnetone

    This is just false propaganda against Google and Nexus7.  Who knows what happened?

  • DB

    Take a look at the pictures. Appears to be a puncture mark just below the *X* in the *NEXUS* logo. I bet the “accidental” punture of the battery is what caused the fire when charging.

  • Erica Miller

    Why rerun  this story. Your post said today in it.. This happened  months ago if i remember right .. 

  • 2Hotel9

    If you don’t use the correct grammar I can’t trust your story. It is not, “…disturbed by the site…” but “…disturbed by the sight…”  

  • SHikai88b

    He probably used a bad charger or low voltage ones…note that there is a difference in voltage between China and USA. I once brought my LG phone to China and without even checking my charger…plugged it into the wall…the next thing I see is smoke emitting from my phone…epic fail on my part. ???…

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