Nokia Lumia 830 leaked

Nokia Lumia 830 leaked

A new Nokia Windows Phone has been leaked, compliments to Chinese website WPdang. Specs are unknown at the moment, but it seems we’re talking about a successor to the Lumia 710. In that sense, it will be an entry-level Windows Phone 8 device that will most likely sell for some $250-$350 sans any commitments.

Release date is an equal mystery though I guess we’ll get all the details in the next few weeks. If that doesn’t happen, we’re sure the upcoming CES in Las Vegas will get us some answers.

In any case, here’s another photo to spur your imagination… though don’t expect too much from this particular Windows Phone.

Nokia Lumia 830 leaked

[Via: Unwired View]

  • Gregory C Newman

    The 830 looks too much like the lumia 800,900/920 phone case style  to me to be a low end smart phone.I bet it is mid range smart phone I hope it has a  4.3  high def screen like the HTC 8X has. The Nokia brand needs a mid size smart phone to equal the HTC 8x. maybe this is it
    a lot of people want a Nokia smart phone that it is not as big as the 920 their hands.

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