Nexus 4 and Nexus 10 nearing launch – Nexus 4 bumper appears online

We’re only a few short hours until the Google Nexus 4 and Nexus 10 are officially available from the Play Store. While we know just about everything there is to know about the two devices, you’ll soon have the chance to have your own.

Launch timing is a little grey, as we’re still not positive when Google will make the devices available. One could theoretically expect the search giant to hit the green button at midnight on ET time (9pm PT), but there’s been word that Germany will be getting access to the devices around “Breakfast time”. This could mean that big G might be waiting until midnight on the west coast (3AM ET), which would make it 9AM in Germany. Either way, if you’re already sold on getting a new Nexus device, chances are that you’ll be refreshing the page quite a bit until you’re able to order one yourself.

If the anticipation wasn’t killing you enough, you now have one more thing to buy on the Nexus 4 landing page. An official bumper for the Nexus 4 has popped up in the Play Store, but it looks like you’ll have to buy everything in one go, as you can’t buy it yet. It’ll run you $20 in the states and is only available in black at the moment. No, it’s not really exciting, but wouldn’t it be nice if Google was giving these out for free?

Oh yeah, and where in the hell is the wireless charging mat, Google?

Who is grabbing one of these bad boys?

[Google Play via Phandroid 

  • Ferum

    Free is a stretch, but so is $20, the same price as the nexus 7 case…

    And yes, where is the charger!

    • Anonymous

      lol. It was just a lame joke about when Apple gave out free bumpers because of the antenna issues. Google is already subsidizing the crap out of the phone, I wouldn’t expect the bumper to really be free. 😉

  • squeezy

    it’s gonna be a long night..i just hope i can go to bed happy..

  • Jj0ggs

    any idea when itll be released for Toronto or Canada?

  • Foester

    I just hope orders that do get through get filled and delivered on time been through that with Nexus 7 I hope Google have learnt a thing or two in regards to supply and demand. and I hope the bumpers are available at the same time.


  • itspb

    Bumper beats the point of a curved edged screen.

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