Asymco: Apple and Samsung account for 99% of smartphone profits in Q3, HTC and LG only other profitable companies

According to Horace Dediu of Asymco, there were only a few profitable smartphone makers in Q3 2012. Apple and Samsung combined to account for 99% of those profits, with operating profits of $7.95 billion and $5.1 billion, respectively. HTC accounts for about $168.8 million (using today’s currency exchange values) for about a 1% share. LG was not shown on Dediu’s list, most likely due to the company’s miniscule profit for the quarter. LG eked out a $19 million profit in its mobile line, which represents around 0.14% of profits earned for companies that made money in Q3.

Our breakdown of the four profitable companies:

CompanyOperating ProfitShare

None of the other mobile smartphone makers were profitable last quarter. That includes RIM, Nokia, Sony, Motorola, Huawei, ZTE, and other smaller players in the smartphone market. Nokia, Motorola, and Sony are all hoping to turn their fortunes around with big smartphone releases this holiday season, while RIM will have to wait until Q1 to stand a chance at profitability with the release of BlackBerry 10.

[via Asymco (Twitter)]

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