Google gets patent for coverage-based directions

Google gets patent for coverage-based directions

Google scored a new patent from USPTO for coverage-based directions. The application talks about familiar things like receiving origin and destination, planning a route with wireless coverage data included in the mix. Here’s what the patent abstract says:

Methods and systems for providing routing information to a user are disclosed. Based on a request for routing information between an origin and destination for a travel objective, wireless coverage data for the geographic area associated with the travel objective is received. A graph model for determining routes between the origin and destination is adjusted based at least in part on the wireless coverage data. According to particular aspects of the present disclosure, the graph model can be adjusted based on the wireless coverage data and at least additional parameter such as estimated trip time, average speed, distance, favored routes or traffic information. User information can be optionally provided and used to emphasize or deemphasize wireless coverage data in the determination of the route for the travel objective.

And you can get more details from USPTO’s website.

[Via: Engadget]

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