How bad do you want the Nexus 4? eBay has one for over $1000

With the backorder fiasco still in full swing, many people may be looking to find the brand new Nexus 4 elsewhere. Well, while the auction is about to end, there’s one waiting for you if you’re willing to spend a lot of money.

The 16GB version of the handset is available for over $1200 right now, which seems a bit ridiculous, but we can expect many more of these auctions to pop up. The lack of stock will bring some outlandish prices to the much sought after handset. Are you willing to bite or are you waiting?

This isn’t the only auction that’s selling the Nexus 4 for insane prices, check out this link here for more eBay auctions! 


[Via: eBay]

  • Not even no !! But HEEEELLLLL NO !! I dont even want to pay the subsidized price for this phone. Let alone $1000 !! KYS

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