iFixit tears down the LG Nexus 4

iFixit has started to tear down the Nexus 4 from LG. The repair specialists kicked off the analysis by comparing the Nexus 4 to the iPhone 4S/5, the Galaxy S III, and the Galaxy Nexus. There’s also a nice shot of the Nexus 4 with its big brothers the Nexus 7 and the Nexus 10.

The teardown is in progress and  the team at iFixit has removed the screws and pryed off the handset’s back cover. Hidden underneath the cover was a 3.8 V, 2100 mAh battery, which is similar to the 3.8V battery in the iPhone 5.

You can head to iFixit to watch the teardown as it continues to unfold. We will also update the post as they identify parts and comment on the build quality and repairabilty of the device.

[Via iFixit]

  • JK

    Is there a chance to fit within device 32gb sdcard by as some time it is called modchip?

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