Samsung rumored to announce new 5 inch device at CES 2013 – Galaxy S IV?

Can’t say that we’re surprised to see this one. It looks like Samsung will be announcing a new 5 inch device come CES 2013 that rocks a 4.99″ 1080p Super AMOLED HD display. Said device would fall in line with the new Droid DNA’s awesome PPI of 441, bringing the heat against HTC.

So what would this device be, exactly? Could Samsung be prepping to announce the Galaxy S IV to the world? While the jury is still out on that one, the handset itself likely won’t fall into the Note family, as it would be too small — as funny as that sounds.

A few months ago, we got word that Samsung could be introducing the Galaxy S IV at MWC 2013, but that rumor was quickly debunked. Still, the rumored specifications of the device sound slightly familiar. Said to rock a 5 inch display and retain the “Inspired by nature” design.


A nameless Samsung official had this to say about the device when it comes to the PPI levels

It has more than 100 pixels per inch more than the Apple iPhone’s 326 ppi stretched beyond the limits of the human eye level.

Surely you’re not surprised to see Samsung still has Apples on the mind and still trying to find ways to make Apple juice. Samsung’s method of saturating the market with multiple different Android handsets, varying in shapes and sizes will likely maintain its lead in the mobile industry, but having a higher resolution display isn’t necessarily going to make a hardcore Apple fan go Samsung. It might help, though.

Whatever this device turns out to be, we’re sure Sammy will sell millions and millions. With CES 2013 right around the corner, we don’t have much longer to wait and see what this device is.

[SamMobile via Droid-Life]

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