Samsung Galaxy Camera now available at AT&T for $499

Today Samsung’s Galaxy Camera is now officially available at AT&T, bringing a great union between powerful Android hardware and a nice lense to shutterbugs everywhere. While a $499 camera may be hard to swallow to some, the shooter should definitely impress those looking for a great camera experience that goes beyond your conventional point and shoot.

Not only is the Galaxy Camera capable of taking some great photos, it’s also rocking a solid set of specs that you’d find in most high-end smartphones today. With a 1.4GHz quad-core CPU, WiFi, WiFi-Direct, micro SD card support, Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, and more, this 16 megapixel with 21x optical zoom camera stands out in its own category. Sure, there might be some competition around in the Android-powered camera space, but it’s certainly nothing for Samsung to worry about.

With 3G and 4G data support, the Galaxy Camera will require a data plan if you want to use it out on the town to send photos, download applications, etc. Luckily, AT&T’s data plans for the device aren’t bad at at all and you should be able find an option that suits you well.  Of course, you don’t even need a data plan if you don’t care to utilize its 3G/4G powers, but what’s the fun in that?

A quick search to find the Galaxy Camera at AT&T store in SF showed no stock available, which likely isn’t a result of a sell-out, but you might want to try your luck online first.

Who is looking to grab a Samsung Galaxy Camera?

[Via: AT&T]

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