Google Play to display Google+ name, profile picture in all reviews

User reviews on the Google Play Android Store have been rife with trolls who post useless, spam reviews of apps, games, and other Play content, but a move by Google will soon see this trend change. Users wishing to post a review on Google Play will now be required to log into their Google account, and reviews posted will now display a user’s Google+ name and profile picture alongside the review itself, removing the safe anonymity internet commenters often hide behind.

With the move, Google hopes the Play Store will be filled with thoughtful and useful reviews of apps, games, and other content that will drive up the quality of content released. Developers will now be able to more easily communicate with users who aren’t having an ideal experience with their application, and use that feedback to improve or fix any issues users might be having, or take feedback to come up with ideas for future applications.

Regardless, removing the anonymity that allows users to post hateful, snide, or otherwise useless comments is definitely welcome on the play store, and reflect the greater trend towards internet accountability.

[via TechCrunch, Android Soul]


  • scroogie mcballs

    This shit is bananas. B a n a n a s. So I have to make a fake Google plus account? I guess linking all the troll accounts together could have some advantages.

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