AT&T rated low by Consumer Reports, Consumer Cellular the best

Consumer Reports released its annual assessment of US wireless carriers and placed AT&T in last place for the third year in a row. In its latest report, the consumer product review company ranked AT&T at the bottom of the heap among the top seven wireless carriers in the US. The only bright spot for AT&T was its 4G network, which got decent ratings.

Ironically, the top wireless carrier in the US was Consumer Cellular, an MVNO that runs on AT&T’s network. This placement suggests that much AT&T’s low ratings stem from poor customer service and a generally low perception of its service. It’s not due to the network’s poor performance.

Verizon was the top national carrier and in the middle among all carriers. Sprint landed right in the middle with average scores across the board, while T-Mobile was ranked just above AT&T. Below is the ranking of the carriers from highest to lowest, according to the report in CNET:

1. Consumer Cellular
2. U.S. Cellular
3. Credo Mobile
4. Verizon Wireless
5. Sprint
6. T-Mobile USA
7. AT&T

The full details are available in Consumer Reports’ January 2013 issue.

[Via CNET and USA Today]

  • Dan

    Totally agree. Cingular used to be the best but absorbed by ATT then become the worse again. As customer, we are losing more choices as more company merges together. Getting worse.

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