Ingress updated – You might want to avoid it if you like to hack a lot

Over the past two weeks, I’ve become rather obsessed with Google’s still invite-only game, Ingress. While it’s probably incredibly geeky to hear someone talking about portals and resonators, the game quickly becomes addicting once you give it a real shot. But, like most 1.0 version applications, Ingress isn’t perfect and needs some polishing.

Last night I saw an update available for Ingress and immediately updated to see what was different. After updating the app, I launched Ingress and jumped into my faction’s chat room, only to hear groans about a fix to one particular “bug” that’s been very helpful. The bug would be the ability to hack portals multiple times within a few seconds (literally hacking the hack feature). No, we’re not going to spell what that means out for you, but if you knew how to do it, it’s something you wouldn’t want to give up. If you don’t know how to perform the hack (or are a part of the Enlightened faction), feel free to update now.

Of course, there are some performance improvements within the update, which are needed. Still, for a 1.0 version of a world wide game — from Google – Ingress plays pretty darn well.

For right now, if you play Ingress you might want to hold off on the update. Surely future updates will provide features that will make updating the app worth it, but now is not that time.


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