Tegra Zone downloads surpass 6 million

NVIDIA’s Tegra platform is something that most tech geeks have been acquainted with for some time now, and early last year the company introduced Tegra Zone. Tegra Zone was, and still is meant to be your one-stop shop for finding the best games that have been optimized, and sometime exclusively released, for Tegra processors. Recently, the Tegra Zone application reached a milestone of over 6 million downloads.

Tegra optimized games bring extra detail and realistic graphics that you won’t find on the standard Android or iOS versions. Games like Shadow Gun and others bring incredibly realistic water animations, and the Tegra 3 introduced featured like dynamic, real-time lighting. Needless to say, there’s just a little something special about the Tegra optimized games that you won’t find anywhere else, even if the details are small.

Having games optimized for a specific CPU probably isn’t going to be the determining factor when purchasing a new phone or tablet, but it’s something to keep in mind if you’re going to game a lot on the device. I may have a Nexus 4 in my pocket, but you can be assured that there’s a Nexus 7 and other Tegra devices on my desk.

If you’re rocking a Tegra device and still haven’t downloaded Tegra Zone, but sure to hit up the link below and see what’s available for your phone or tablet now!

Download Tegra Zone from the Google Play Store here!


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    But now we need new phones with new Tegra chips to get excited about NVidia again.

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