AT&T’s Samsung Galaxy S III gets Jelly Bean update via Kies

AT&T's Samsung Galaxy S III gets Jelly Bean update via Kies

Good news for folks with AT&T’s version of the Samsung Galaxy S III as you should be able to get your Jelly Bean fix as we speak. It’s not an over-the-air affair and you’ll rather have to connect your beloved smartphone to a computer and fire-up the ever-annoying Samsung Kies software. However, it’s well worth the effort as within couple of minutes, you’ll be running Android 4.1.1. As you know, this release brings a number of goodies to the table, including improved (and fancier lookin’) notifications, Google Now along with a number of performance enhancements from Project Butter. Plus let’s not forget few bug fixes and tweaks the Korean company included on its own to make for a that much better experience.

Just be warned that it’s a big download (738MB), so it could take up to half an hour for completion, and that’s not just for “pure download,” but also for the software to flash those files to your Galaxy S III. Good luck! 😉

[Via: Engadget,]

  • Anonymous

    Good news for AT&T customers… (as long as they have this awesome phone). 🙂

  • i was going to cancel thank god

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