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An iPhone accessory monitors your cardio-respiratory health and stress levels

By: , IntoMobile
Thursday, December 6th, 2012 at 12:06 AM

After Scanadu devices, we have another accessory made for the emerging mobile health market. Zensorium‘s device is called the Tinke and it’s designed to monitor cardio-respiratory health and stress levels. This kind of functionality is especially important for people who have breathing problems or other conditions that cause low oxygen levels in the blood.

The Tinke does its magic using optical sensing technologies to capture blood volume changes in the fingertip and turn that into a number that tells how much oxygen is in your blood. This information is then collected using an iPhone app so you can compare your results over days and weeks. Moreover, the data is placed into what the company calls a Vita Index, which is a personalized cardio-respiratory score created by combining data from your heart rate, blood oxygen level and respiratory rate. Plus, there’s the Zen Index, achieved using heart rate variability as a basis and personalized scores for stress levels from analyzing the rhythm of your heart rate.

Needless to say, the social element also comes included, allowing you to share your results with the world via Facebook… The Tinke app itself is free, while the accessory — available in gray, blue, pink or white — could be yours for $119.

[Via: SlashGear]

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