T-Mobile launching new prepaid brand – GoSmart Mobile

T-Mobile launching new prepaid brand - GoSmart Mobile

T-Mobile will soon launch a new prepaid brand, GoSmart Mobile, which we’re hearing will target the same market Sprint aims for with its Boost Mobile franchise. So it’s not an MVNO in traditional sense, since GoSmart will be operated by T-Mobile USA, rather than some third party that simply licenses network from an operator.

As I’m writing this, the website GoSmartMobile.com doesn’t load, but it may go live in the next few days. Similarly, we see the @GoSmartMobile Twitter account but the feed is empty at present.

From what we’ve understood, the new company will offer lower cost options to the users, with T-Mobile emerging as a premium brand, while MetroPCS will support mid-end of the market.

According to TMOnews, GoSmart mobile will offer few different plans with $45/month option offering data alongside texts and minutes. Additionally, there will be $30 and $35 plans operating at 2G speeds. We should get all the details in the coming days so stay tuned…

UPDATE: The website is now live.

  • so weird you saying that Gosmart mobile is tmobile. i am on the phone with gosmart mobile and the customer service rep, keeps telling me that are not part or they are tmobile. so who to believe?

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