Android gets backend improvements to in-app purchasing

The Android developer blog just announced some good news about Version 3 of in-app purchasing. Now this is some nerd stuff that has to do with a bunch of coding normal folks like us can’t comprehend. These improvements to the Play Store include the following:

  • Streamlined code. Google says what used to take several hundred lines of code can be done in as few as 50 now.
  • A more robust architecture.
  • Local caching, so API calls happen faster. That means part of the legwork is being done on your phone, without the need to call into Google Play.
  • And “the ability to consume managed purchases and query for product information.”

Google says Version 3 will work on Android 2.2 and up, which means just about every Android user should get the backend improvements to the in-app purchasing within the Play Store.

[Android Developer blog; via Android Central]


  • WHO?

    Hate in app purchases. One reason I don’t think gaming will ever take off on phones. You are really paying the price of a cartridge for a console. $30 to $80 sometimes $100

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