Contact lenses with LCD screens promise new kind of communication

Contact lenses with LCD screens promise new kind of communication

Researchers at Belgium’s Ghent University have managed to produce a spherically curved LCD unit that may find its way into a contact lens. The super-thin LCD is made to handle projected images using wireless connectivity, promising to potentially usher new frontiers in communications, while at the same time making Google glasses look like they’re made in the century before.

According to Professor Herbert De Smet, now that the basic technology has been established, the working on real applications will start, possibly producing some tangible results in only a few years. Speaking of which [applications], we’re talking about something as simple as lenses with adjustable pigmentation that would serve as sunglasses, or the ability to display text messages and navigation instructions to the user. The phrase that something is in the “eye of beholder” suddenly gets a whole new meaning… Plus, let’s not forget medical uses that may offer new methods to correct certain vision impairments by controlling light transmission to the retina.

Check out a short demo, depicting this LCD lens with a dollar sign below. That sign clearly suggests there’s money to be made in this.

[Via: PhoneArena, Telegraph]

  • Anonymous

    Sounds really cool. Reading SMS and email will be as easy as walking down the street with this technology beaming messages right to your retina.

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