Grokr is the Google Now of iOS, landing in the App Store tomorrow

Grokr is a brand new app that has garnered plenty of attention before it even hit the iOS App Store. Formed from a startup of the same name by founder and former CEO of McAfee Srivats Sampath, it’s what everybody is calling the Google Now of iOS. Its ultimate goal is to learn more about you so you can eventually get to the point of just opening the app and seeing everything you need and every task you want to accomplish at a glance. The more you use it, the smarter it will become.

Grokr gets all of this information not only from when you use it, but also from your location, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, iTunes, and more. Eventually it’ll figure out everything about you. There’s no doubt that ought to bring about some privacy concerns, especially since the app is totally free to use.

The app can find sports team statistics, restaurants you’re looking for, weather, movie showtimes, news headlines, social network information, traffic and location data — just about everything you can think of. The aim is for users to have a question and get an immediate answer without having to browse through search results. It’s a bit like Siri in this regard as well, though it doesn’t rely solely on voice input.

When asked about the comparison between Grokr and Google Now, Sampath said confidently, “The differentiation is just purely the number of signals we have about you. We have a lot more than Google Now.”

You’ll be able to grab the free Grokr app for iPhone tomorrow in the App Store.

[via The Verge, images also from The Verge]

  • Alvin Lau

    Congrats to the Grokr team for building a truly innovative app and service! My startup, Alohar Mobile, enjoyed working with the brilliant team at Grokr on its location and context awareness features. They made great use of our Alohar SDK & API to create a powerful new search & personal assistant app.

  • Except that tomorrow was 2 days ago and it’s still nowhere to be found.

  • Alvin Lau

    Grokr is now available on Apple App Store. @alvin_mobiletec

  • brandon

    still not in app store!!!!

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