Motorola pulling out of South Korea next year

Motorola pulling out of South Korea next year

As part of the cost cutting / business optimization initiatives following the acquisition by Google, Motorola plans to pull out of South Korea in 2013. Some 540 jobs will be lost in the process with around 60 staffers getting an offer to relocate in some other Moto facility. Here’s what the American company had to say about this move:

…The changes in Korea reflect our plans to consolidate our global R&D efforts to foster collaboration, and to focus more attention on markets where we are best positioned to compete effectively.

Our Home business and iDEN go-to-market operations will continue operating in Korea. We will also continue to provide customer service and warranty support for mobile devices that have been sold in Korea… This was a difficult but necessary decision…

The way I see it, Motorola doesn’t have much to do in the land of Samsung and LG which pretty much dominate the market… and are steadily conquering the rest of world from their Seoul offices…

[Via: TNW]

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