Review: DataMan Pro for iOS

DataMan Pro is an app for iPhone and iPad that allows users to stay on top of their tiered data plan by rigorously tracking how much data they use on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis to avoid those nasty overage fees. I was able to spend some time with it for the past week or so to examine some of its pretty in-depth features and see just how accurate and reliable the app is.

I usually start these reviews by talking a bit about the design of the app, but in this case, well, it is what it is. It looks like a basic iPhone app with all of Apple’s standard UI elements, like the ones that were in the 2008 App Store. It’s not a bad thing — I don’t really think anybody cares about having superb, unique design in an app that tracks your data usage, so neither do I.

Now for the app’s functions. When I first launched the app, it took me a few seconds to figure out that I need to head into the Settings to adjust it to my own data needs. There’s an excellent amount of customization: billing date, daily, weekly, and monthly allowance, alert thresholds, location information toggles, etc. I was disappointed that when I went to enter my monthly allowance, it didn’t automatically do the math to adjust weekly and daily allowances. I suppose this is good for power users who want to fine-tune each day or week for whatever reason, but it’d be a huge timesaver.

Once set up, back on the main screen is where you can find your daily, weekly, and monthly usage statistics. Tapping any of those brings you to my favorite part of the app. It’ll give you a break down of how much data you used over WiFi or cellular, when you used it on any given day even at any given hour, and which apps you are using your data in. If you have location enabled in the settings, you can pull up a map to see where you gobbled up the data. I was utterly impressed by just how much data statistics DataMan Pro presents to its users.

The app gives you push notifications as well, which is where those alert thresholds come in from the Settings. If you pass those, you’ll get a notification that you are approaching or have reached your data allowance.

The normal price for both the iPhone and iPad app is $9.99, which is very steep. Plus, the apps aren’t bundled together so if you want it for your iPhone and¬†iPad you’ll be paying $20. That’s an awful lot of money for an app. It’s on sale for the holiday season now at 30% off, so if you’re interested, now’s the best time to grab it.

The price may be a deal breaker for some, but if it’s not, then DataMan Pro is worth considering for those who care about their data usage. Aside from my gripes about the setup process and pricing, DataMan Pro is probably the best app you can find for ultimate users who like to monitor every aspect of their data plan.

You can snag the iPhone app and iPad app in the App Store.

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