AT&T Nokia Lumia 920 and 820 to get new update tomorrow

Nokia Lumia 920, Lumia 820 now shipping

We have great news for you Nokia Lumia 920 and 820 owners out there. AT&T will be rolling out a new Windows Phone 8 update, according to a leaked internal email to employees. No one knows exactly what time this update will go live, but the guess at the moment is 9AM PT/12PM ET. The new firmware update fixes a stability issue related to Bluetooth connectivity, causing isolated cases of OS resets or freezes.

In addition, the update will also bring SMS call rejection, SMS mass delete and new features from Nokia that adds greater sharpening to the front and rear Pureview camera. No more blurry daylight pictures. The Lumia 820 will receive many changes as well. We’ll be sure to post more details once Nokia or AT&T release the changelog.

Here’s what AT&T said in its email to employees:

“The update will be processed over-the-air (OTA) via a Wi-Fi connection. This software update will improve the experience for a small number of customers who have reported issues with connectivity to Bluetooth devices, including times where an affected device appears to freeze.”

You may notice the pop up notification for an OS update tomorrow and you are given the choice to postpone the update until you are over Wi-Fi or at another time, but not indefinitely

“They have the option to select postpone or install the update immediately to their device. If the customer selects to “postpone” installation of the update, the notification pops up again in two days. The notification cannot be postponed permanently. Customers can also check the availability of the update from the Start screen by scrolling down to and tapping Settings > Phone Update > Check for Update. All customers will be notified of the update by January 7, 2013.”

So who’s psyched to get this new update?

[via WP Central]

  • More than excited for this update.

  • LOL Can’t wait for those “No more blurry pictures” ads to actually be true!
    Seriously, once the software is patched, this should be the best camera in a mobile device.

  • RodHughes

    Downloading now… Didn’t really have an issue with the pictures I was taking, or the performance of the phone, but I’m happy to get improvements.

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