Ca-Fi Dashlinq is an Android-powered car infotainment system that’s coming in January

Ca-Fi Dashlinq is an Android-powered car infotainment system that's coming in January

A company called Ca-Fi, which we haven’t covered in the past, is working on an Android-powered car infotainment system(s) called Dashlinq. Set to be launched in January, this device is made to be integrated into your car, offering access to various apps and games, alongside navigation, media player and so on.

Specs wise, it will sport a 6.95-inch 16:9 WVGA touchscreen, Freescale iMX51 processor, SD card reader, radio support, GPS, DSP (Digital Sound Processor) and so on. When it comes to car-related capabilities, there’s steering wheel control and dual zone support, as well as 9 Band EQ setting. You will be able to take and make phone calls with Bluetooth, and wirelessly connect your existing phone or tablet to the system to stream music to the in-car speakers.

When it comes to pricing, the Dashlinq line starts with a retail price of 499 EUR. Kinda steep, but then again, it’s not like you can choose from an array of Android-powered car infotainment systems… You can few additional details and screenshots from Ca-Fi’s website.

[Via: AndroidCentral]

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