LG’s ads trashing the iPhone in Korea

LG's ads trashing the iPhone in Korea

Samsung isn’t the only one trashing Apple’s iPhone in its ads with LG joining this trend, too. According to Korea Times, the ad above has been posted in all major local media in Korea, depicting LG Optimus G as it slices through a bitten apple. The text says “a moment’s choice will decide your next two years,” suggesting that if you want to sign a two-year carrier contract you better be sure to get a device that will keep you up and running for two years.

But that’s not all – there are also posters in stores with phrases like “iPhone 5? Really disappointing”, adding that the 4-inch screen is “too small” and that it lacks NFC and DMB-TV (mobile TV), which is like a must-have feature in Korea.

LG, however, denies attacking Apple saying that it just offers facts. And while I’m an Android guy, I think those are intentionally selected facts which for instance don’t mention the number of apps and games available for each of the platforms. Kinda stupid or what? Any thoughts?

[Via: Unwired View]

  • Anonymous

    Well the Optimus G is a better device than iPhone 5… except for the app count.

  • krudd

    Android apps are the same as ios apps, so mentioning apps is redundant in an ad. Yeah both systems have angry birds, instagram, social media sites and all that. They also have a few apps unique to the platform, but the problem is, any app ran on an iphone can be made to run on android, but many android apps can’t, under any circumstance, be made to run on iphone. The iphone just isn’t that advanced yet.

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