Ford Developer Program gets opened up, now anyone can make apps

Ford announced that its going to open up its Developer Program Sync AppLink to anyone interested in making an app. The automotive company is looking to motivated developers to improve the way driver’s interact with its cars. Ford being at the forefront of this kind of innovation is nothing new, as it always seeks to make alterations to how entertainment and smartphone integration functions inside its cars.

This new open policy allows iOS and Android users to take advantage of Ford’s Sync-enabled platform that handles things such as voice commands, vehicle displays and navigation data. Now before you security-mongers get all worked up, know this: Ford still has the last say to what apps get final clearance to use its Sync services. So there’s lots of testing before a developer’s app is even considered through the program. Seriously, Ford has stepped its game up lately with Sync support.

[Ford; via The Verge]

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