T-Mobile supports 1.9 million iPhones; adds 100,000 more per month

T-Mobile USA for quite some time has talked about the amount of customers who use iPhones on its network. Apparently, that number is growing by 100,000 devices per month, which is an impressive number for a company struggling against the other major U.S. carriers. TMoNews parsed through what the company’s CEO John Legere had to say.

“With the numbers [T-Mobile CEO John] Legere mentioned, it’s easy to imagine that T-Mobile is eager to get their “Apple Product” deal rolled out as soon as possible. Legere further mentioned that the company currently serves 1.9 million iPhone devices and is adding 100k new devices every month. Mind you, it was back on December 6th that T-Mobile mentioned they were currently serving 1.7 million iPhone devices.”

Magenta is finally getting its hands on the iPhone because of some hard work with refarming its spectrum to move its high-speed HSPA+ network over to the 1900 MHz band that is supported by the iPhone. In 2013, T-Mobile hopes that the iPhone is the answer when it comes to turning things around for the company. We’re sure the wildly popular Apple phone will better persuade folks to stay with T-Mobile, which stands to change customer drop off tremendously.

[via MacRumors]



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