Watch T-Mobile’s CEO slam AT&T at CES 2013

T-Mobile John Legere gave a colorful presentation during CES that included a smack down of AT&T. He attacked the carrier’s contract-based service plans and said AT&T’s network in NYC was “crap.” T-Mobile hasn’t made the CES 2013 keynote available to the public, but you can watch a bit of that presentation thanks to Mobile World Live, which captured the talk on video.

The John Legere part starts at the 1:20 mark.

[Via TmoNews and Mobile World Live YouTube]

  • Yet T-Mobile was on board to be gobbled up by AT&T less than a year ago? Wow they must have forgotten! Don’t bite they hand that feeds you! Doesn’t T-Mobile roam off of AT&T anyway without them T-Mobile would be nothing. Oh wait that’s right, Your IN LAST PLACE T-CRAPPLE!

    • John

      Wrong! T-Mobile is not last, it is bette rto call them last of teh HUGE carriers. Remember the 1000’s of other ones? Like the crappy boost mobile you are on? AT&T tried to buy T-Mo, they failed.

  • Justin Terry

    T-Mo’s CEO is a pimp.

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