Study: smartphone owners consume more data than tablet owners

In 2017, 600 million smartphones will come with vision-based gesture recognition capabilities

According to a report from mobile analytics company Arieso, smartphone owners now outpace tablet owners when it comes to data consumption.

“For the first time, smartphone users are consistently consuming more mobile data than tablet users. Out of the top ten most voracious devices (excluding dongles) six were smartphones, three tablets and one a ‘phablet’. Tablet users placed 4th, 8th and 9th. “

At the top of the pack for smartphones is the iPhone 5, whose users download twice as much data as 4S users and four times as much as iPhone 3G users. On the uplink side of things is the Galaxy Note II and Galaxy S III, which edge out the iPhone 5.

As was shown in earlier Arieso studies, data usage is restricted to an elite few with 1% of the top users consuming 40% of the data downloaded on the carriers’ 3G/UMTS networtoks. “The hungriest 10% consume 80% of the downlink data,” adds Arieso in its report.

For additional details, you can read the entire report on Arieso’s website.

[Via Arieso and Mashable]

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