Samsung targets BlackBerry, Unicorn Apocalypse in its latest advertising

Samsung is known for its snarky ads that poke fun at its competitors. Though it’s not mentioned by name, Samsung’s latest ad takes pot shots at RIM and its business-oriented handsets. There’s also some underlying storyline about developing the next hit game called the Unicorn Apocalypse. RIM is garnering a lot of attention for its BlackBerry 10 launch, so I guess it’s not surprising that they are targeted by Samsung. A “kick the competition, while they are done in hopes that they won’t get back up” type of move.

[Via TechCrunch and YouTube]

  • joan

    f*^k samsung, always like to shit on opponents.

  • i dont think this was as much “poking fun” as others like to think, its samsung that continue to feature these douchbag inspired geeks that go on and on about “you cant do that” watch a video and text at the same time BIG FU KING WOW!!! samsung is the douchbag here along with apple, business people use blackberry, and thats the end of it. Cutsey idiot minded startupy get a real job virgins use these smartphones for nonsense. Cause all we want to do all day is photos, right. LOSERS

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