Want to play Ingress? Win an invite here! #Ingress (UPDATE)

If you’ve been paying attention, you’ve probably noticed that I have an almost unhealthy obsession with Niantic@Google’s Ingress. It might be extremely geeky, but it will definitely balance out your time playing video games while sitting on your couch. If you’re looking to play Ingress and still haven’t received an invitation to play yet, you can win one of your very own right here!

For those who are unfamiliar with it, Ingress is a MMO game that allows you to assume the role of an agent fighting for the Enlightenment or the Resistance. Shapers are a transdimensional intelligence that can come into the world through the portals (viewable within the app), infiltrate the mind of its victims, and take over it. The Enlightenment (green team) embrace this mind control and believe it will ultimately benefit the human race, where the Resistance (blue team) fights to keep the Shapers from infecting mankind. It’s up to you to choose what side you want to fight for, and either aid or resist the Shaper ingression.

As I said before in a previous post, Ingress is most definitely a geek’s game, but it doesn’t mean it’s not fun for all. The terminology alone is enough to make someone look at you cock-eyed, but the game is about as unique as they come. Since you need to physically at the location of a portal to either capture or destroy it, there’s an extra layer to the game that makes you get off your butt to get in on the action. Portals are usually attached to locations that either have a historical significance (monument, etc.), but can also be art (wall murals, etc), or even a nice restaurant. If you live in a city, there’s a better chance of finding a higher density of portals to interact with.

Since the game itself is still in an invite-only phase, we wanted to go ahead and give an invite away for those who are still waiting to play. The contest will only run until next Monday, since we don’t want you to have to wait too long to play! Entering is as simple as leaving a comment below. Tell us the area you’re looking to play in and whether you’re looking to paint your town green or blue!

The winner will be chosen randomly on Monday and will be contacted shortly after the contest closes with the activation code.

*Please make sure that your email is available through your Disqus account so we can easily contact the winner. Thanks!*

Good luck, agents!

[UPDATE – We have a winner! Congrats to Andy! May you have fun taking down portals in Portland!]

  • I’m excited to be the first to comment and hopefully win the invite code I would be in the Sacramento area and definitely color of choice would have to be blue! To the ingress good please pick Me lol

  • breakwater

    Houston area. Would like invite.

  • Thomas

    Stockholm, green 🙂

  • Gage Gelert

    St Louis, blue

  • Robert

    Lake County MN, An invite would be Awesome being I have a friend that plays this and it looks very fun. “Green” Thank you!

  • Andy

    Portland, OR is definitely a Resistance (blue) city!

  • I would like to play a game

  • vienna baby! def gotta go with greeeen! *crosses fingers*

  • PoopMaster

    Eureka CA. color me green.

  • Lucas Paiva

    You have to be an US Citizen to win this invite? cause if its not, I will paint Sorocaba, SP (Brazil) green!!

  • Anna B-orn

    I would be happy to play the game.

  • Anna B-orn

    I would be happy to play the game.

  • Martin Reurings

    Not sure how active the resistance is in Europe, but I wouldn’t mind starting to paint it blue, starting with Amsterdam…

  • Alan Thompson

    7 unclaimed portals in my town. Im hoping to paint it green once i get an invite.

  • I live in Winston-Salem, NC. I plan on painting it blue.

  • janis

    i live in frankfurt, germany and i`ll take green.

  • Guest

    need codez to help alienz

  • bas basty

    theres a town called Groningen, i want it covered in green

  • Matthias Bock

    I live in Braunschweig, germany and i`ll take green.

  • Matthew Goodwin

    Looking to start an uprising of Resistance in the Melbourne, Australia.

  • Radu Chiose

    I want to blue Bucharest! Resistance needs me.

    Good luck everyone.

  • Pavel Kopachevsky

    I’m looking forward to paint all the Moscow blue !

  • Michael Villalobos Gomez

    I can’t wait to turn San Francisco into a sea of blue #resistance

  • Barcelona, I will be blue 😉 (I want an invite, please)

  • Danilo Freitas

    Invite plz !!! lets go BLUE #resitance

  • Vojtech Plachy

    I live in Pardubice, Czech republic. I want to be green please 😉

  • gul4s

    I would like to make the green area of Oristano, Sardinia

  • Franzi Schleife

    There are only a few girls, who play this excellent game…. So I want to color Schwerin, Germany green!

  • Matthias

    I would paint Nuremberg, Ansbach and more Bavarian cities blue 😉

  • Spark-Wun Early

    Boston, MA, US would be painted blue

  • Martin Lopušek

    Spisske Bystre, Slovakia – blue. Thx.

  • Ryan

    I travel all over the state of Wyoming. Big state, but low population. I’m going to get in covered in Blue!

  • Zach Keatts

    Kansas City — Green

    I look forward to discovering a new reality

  • Mike Poltyn

    Dublin, Ireland — Blue

  • Panama City, Florida! Going to paint the town BLUE!

  • Dallas, Texas – Green

  • Sergio Alverez

    Brentwood, Essex, England….

    Looking to bring some enlightenment to suburban zombies!!


  • Alberto Hernandez

    I’m in Compton, CA, and my whole city is blue, looking to repaint it green! Also, brother is Resistance so i’ll take all his portals to annoy him!

  • zazkia

    The Hague, The Netherlands, blue, o/

  • Pafnuzio

    Padova – Italy, Green

  • Adam Jerrett

    I’m in Pretoria, South Africa. Hell no they won’t take me! Blue all the way!

  • We are getting crushed by the Resistance, it’s time for the Enlightened to take a stand… at least in Northern Utah 😉

  • Anonymous

    need invite… how else can i sabotage friends

  • Anonymous

    Enlightenment, power on your green torch! 😉 – in Brunswick.

  • michael

    relly wish i could get an invite so i can join the resistance.

  • Pete Stamas

    sacramento, ca…need…..an………invite……….I BEG OF YOU! 🙂

  • Stephanie Fucking Forrette

    I’m too late! I NEED TO PLAY THIS GAME!! I have read about it, watched clips online, I’m already addicted without having played at all.

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