Pebble smartwatch finally starts shipping to backers

Pebble smartwatch finally starts shipping to backers

It’s been a long ride for folks who pledged their money via KickStarter to be among the first one to get a Pebble smartwatch. They’ll be glad to know that the floodgates are now open and that the first units have started shipping. This, however, doesn’t mean you’ll get your very own Pebble watch in the next few days as the company only sent the first batch of 500 watches. Then again, the process has started and since you waited this long, another week or so shouldn’t be a problem, right?

In case some of you haven’t heard about the Pebble smartwatch before, you should know it’s arguably the best imagined smart watch concept ever. Its key selling point is in the use of e-ink technology which makes the battery last much longer. In comparison, (most) other smartwatches need re-charged on a daily basis, making for an everything but great user experience.

Alongside the watch, you also get a dedicated app (available for iOS and Android) that allows you to control and personalize your Pebble to your needs… I still haven’t tried a Pebble watch myself, but I’m looking forward to do it at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

[Via: Engadget]

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    Hopefully it will hit Europe soon…

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