Ingress T-Shirts from Google’s online store – Get your geek on!

Honestly, I rarely need a reason to show off my love for Niantic@Google’s Ingress, but I try to. If you’re a fan of the game, then you might be looking where to score some official Ingress swag, and now the Google Store is the place to find it.

The shirts went live on Google’s online store last night, and most options are already sold out. This is due to the very constrained inventory, it seems. Other designs with the Resistance’s Key and the Enlightenment’s Eye symbols are also available — and also sold out. In total, there are five different shirts to choose from.

Hopefully the stock returns in a short amount of time, as we know the Ingress geeks out there are likely wanting to show their allegiance to their faction.

While the game is still in its early stages, the following has grown very fast, so we’re pumped to see some official swag come our way.

Keep checking up on the Google Store to find out when the Ingress shirt stock has been re-upped!

Ingress Logo

Ingress ResistanceIngress Resistance Key logo

Ingress EnlightenedIngress Enlightened Eye logo

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