HTC HD7 gets Windows Phone 7.8 in Italy

HTC HD7 gets Windows Phone 7.8 in Italy

Looks like HTC and Microsoft have started rolling out Windows Phone 7.8 updates in select parts of the world, with users in Italy reporting getting the goods. As you can see from the image above, the HD7 received the latest version of the platform it can handle, running firmware version 7.10.8858.136.

The new software is said to make everything run faster, and there are also Windows Phone 8-like changes, including the new home screen with support for resizable tiles.

As I’m writing this, we’ve no information when other countries will get their updates though we hope that will happen sooner rather than later. Heck, I would expect the rest of Europe to follow shortly, with HD7 users in other key countries getting their software fixes during the next few weeks. We’ll let you know when we hear something new on this…

[Via: TuttoWindowsPhone]

  • Anonymous

    Yey…. for HD7 owners…

    • sdsdsdsd

      For everyone dude. All first gen are getting 7.8 no exceptions.

  • Microsoft should’ve made this update available worldwide regardless the operator or phone. It’s their OS, people wants it. Don’t they have anybody reading what the blogosphere comments are saying? They should do this just like any Windows 8 update. Aren’t them the #1 software maker in the world? I’m tired of waiting and Blackberry is knocking my door…

  • sdsdsdsdsd

    @twitter-103474887:disqus This article is snaffu. The update is being released worldwide, except that bad IT journalism was pointing out so much that the 7.8 update wasn’t comming out that now they make up anything to try and look credible.

  • Summo

    7.8 update just arrived on my unlocked HD7 here in the UK

    • Anonymous

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    • did you have to do any thing special to get the update as i am in uk and have a HTC HD7 just checked zune and still says no update ?

  • Anonymous

    I thought the 7.8 update had arrived on my unlocked HD7 here in the Spain! Forced update through Zune and says it has a new update to install, but after I finished all process
    the installed version is the same 7.5 as before .. I don’t understand what is going on .. 🙁

    PS: I done the same on a Nokia Lumia 710 and happened the same … the ‘old’ 7.5 is still the version installed

  • miller of da dee

    so did my radar and if u guys don’t get update automatically use the force upgrade trick its on the youtube too, im lovin windows 7.8, dat jus da new thing guys.. remember if u do da trick da timing is different, depending upon your internet speed avg connection takes 6-7 seconds, enjoy. its 100 % legitimate.

  • Anonymous

    HTC HD7 updated with Windows Phone 7.8 v 7.10.8858.136
    after 2 intermediate updates (through Zune, but forced), I got the 7.8 from Spain!

  • When I install 7.8 via zune get an error 80070070, no one from whom was not? I am from Russia. Please help me!!!

  • UDSurround

    I have HTC surround but i still dont get the update. I’m in india and really looking forward to this update. Please help me getting the information of windows 7.8 update in india

  • acideburne100

    I am in lebanon!!! two of my friends got the 7.8 update on there hd7, except me and another friend of mine! whats wrong? can anybody tell me why?

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