Amazon Coins is the upcoming virtual currency for Kindle Fire

Amazon announced Amazon Coins, a new virtual currency for U.S. customers to purchase apps, games and in-app items on Kindle Fire. To make it easier for users to adopt the new currency, Amazon will be giving out tens of millions of dollars worth of Coins.

Launching in May, the new service will make it easy for customers to spend money on Kindle Fire apps and games. The process will be the same as they were using real money with an added option to pay using Coins. Developers on the other hand, get another opportunity to drive traffic, downloads and increase monetization. The best part is that there’s no integration required and developers will keep getting paid the same 70% revenue share whether the customer chooses to use Coins or their own money.

In order to join-in, developers need to do just one thing: make sure their new apps and app updates are submitted and approved by April 25th. It’s that easy – Amazon will do the rest.

Additional information is available from Amazon Coins FAQ and the Mobile App Distribution Portal.

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