Smartphone Controlled Paper Airplanes: Power Up 3.0

Ah, fond childhood memories; tire swings, paper airplanes, skateboards and tree forts. Ok, so maybe we aren’t getting out to shred the gnar at the skatepark as much as we used to, and our apartment complexs offer no decent trees; but thanks the Power Up 3.0, we can now use our smartphones to fly and control paper airplanes. The Power Up 3.0 is a little motor that fits on to the back of a paper airplane, that propels and steers your paper creation at your whim.

TailorToys, the manufacturer of the Power Up 3.0 has been releasing kits of this kind for a while now, but this is the first unit to come with bluetooth connectivity to allow users to control their paper airplanes from the convenience of an iPhone app. No Android app yet, but we’ll surely be seeing that in the future.

Using the unit is easy; after making a paper airplane, just sit the drive shaft into the fold of your paper airplane, and the propeller on the back end pushes your plane forward, and and also provides steering, making tricky landings and takeoffs possible.

The PowerUp 3.0 is due out this fall. It’s no Hoverboard, but it certainly looks like loads of fun. Here’s a clip showing the previous generation in flight.

[Via: TechnaBob]



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