Apple eases up on 3-device limit for employee friends and family buys

Apple for whatever reason has decided to lift its 3-device limitation for employees looking to buy friends and family products. The reason for this could be due to inventory levels finally normalizing, or maybe the tech giant is feeling a little generous this time of year.

Now, don’t get it twisted, reasonable limits on EPP 15 percent discount program purchases are still in place. What does this mean, you ask? Well, according to people at Apple who noticed the policy change:

Use your discretion when determining “reasonable quantities” purchases for friends and family. There isn’t a specific number limit — it’s a judgment call. For example, buying iPod devices as gifts for your nieces and nephews at a 15 percent discount is fine. However, advertising a 15 percent discount on Apple products for all of your Facebook friends is not. If you have questions about what is considered reasonable, contact your HR representative.

It’s good to see Apple relax on this policy a bit. Unfortunately, anyone who works at Apple may start to get a lot of calls from people they haven’t heard from in a while. You know people go to extreme lengths to get a discount. Regardless, it is beneficial for Apple to make it easier for people to buy its products.

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  • Tojen1981

    Don’t really see 15% as something to get worked up over anyways if you’re Apple(25% and up, ok, now we”re talkin). If you know how to spot deals, the average joe can easily find discounts like that every now and again on Apple stuff.

  • mastubba

    They are running out of buyers…

    This is a landmark event, even if a small signal.

    Apple hasn’t done this in AGES. The last time they did this, they had really tanking sales (way, way before iphone).

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