VTEC unveils a range of camera lenses for Samsung Galaxy S III

VTEC unveils a range of camera lenses for Samsung Galaxy S III

It used to be that external camera lenses were a thing only iPhone users could get, but no more. Samsung Galaxy S III owners can now join the party thanks to VTEC, which prepared few lenses you can easily attach to your beloved smartphone.

Similarly to how it works with Apple’s handset, here too you’ll need a special case which comes included and which allows you to simply attach a lens you want. There are few lenses in the offer, including:

  • CAM-1209 Aluminium Telephoto Lens – the 12x zoom lens with a manual focus ring. It also comes with its own tripod that attaches to the lens to steady the phone when capturing shots. It costs 34.99 GBP.
  • Wide-Angle and Macro Lens – a combo kit in which the Wide-Angle lens screws onto the front of the macro lens. This is ideal for taking photos at close range. Price: 23.99 GBP.
  • Fish-Eye Lens – offers circular 180-degree fish eye magnification. It’s great for fun, quirky shots and also gives each image a circular black border. Price: 24.99 GBP.
  • CPL Filter – used to reduce glare/reflections when you want to boost color saturation, especially for blue skies. Could be yours for 34.99 GBP.
  • Microscope – a 20x zoom lens that sells for 24.99 GBP.

Finally, it’s worth adding that each lens set comes with a phone cover that all lenses can attach to. Additional information is available from VTEC’s website.

  • PeterSteinbeck

    I want something like this for my HTC One X. 🙂

  • BambooJackson

    Except none of these are for the GSIII….smh, i mean just the shell case in the picture would tip that off, not to mention the source links to products for the gsII and the site carries nothing for the GSIII

  • Low IQ

    I have on for my Samsung SII SGH-T989, it has all the lenses, and the Telephoto works great as long as you hold it steady as the slightest movement will incur out of focus shots, But when used with cameras timer you can have uniquely wonder shots!, I have some of the Moon that many are impressed that it was taken with my Phone camera!
    A picture is only as good as the photographer behind it! and of hundreds of shots taken, only a few are worthy of posting, it takes patience and research to take that GREAT! picture!

  • How bout in kuching sarawak malaysia?? Is its already available in my countr? ?

  • Bryder Ash

    is it compatible with samsung galaxy grand duos

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