After Apple, Nokia to ditch Samsung as supplier?

After Apple, Nokia to ditch Samsung as supplier?

Looks like Samsung is about to lose another client for its component-making business; after Apple, Nokia may drop its contract with the Korean company. According to a report published by Apple Insider, the Finns think Sammy doesn’t act professionally in its dual roles, one as a component maker and another one as a handset manufacturer.

Nokia apparently found Samsung using its intellectual property without proper authorization. In other words, the Finnish company is wary about Samsung copying their technology in its own devices.

Samsung maintains that the components subsidiary treats Samsung Electronics as just another customer and has a strict internal firewall to avoid leaks but the site’s source claims the firewall is “about as sturdy as a pile of kimchi.” The source goes on suggesting Samsung pretty much stole a portion of OLED screen technology from Nokia.

While we support open innovation, we do realize companies need to protect the results of R&D efforts that cost millions of dollars. And with Samsung pretty much making more money than any other handset maker today (aside from Apple), they’ll have to put in extra efforts to convince all the parties they do keep the balance between the two different units they run…

  • PeterSteinbeck

    Well, if Samsung’s stealing Nokia’s IP – they should find another place to make their gear.

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