Instagram bolts to 100 million monthly active users

Instagram’s level of success continues to rise at a rapid pace despite reports claiming the opposite a few months back. The startup announced today on its blog that the app now has 100 million monthly active users, meaning 100 million people are using Instagram at least once a month and many are probably using it more often.

Instagram launched in the fall of 2010 has an iOS-exclusive photo-sharing app and has since expanded its set of features and its horizons to other platforms, namely Android. This helped Instagram grow even faster, though it was never slouching to begin with.

Just over one month ago we reported Instagram hit 90 million active users and those users were sharing 40 million photos per day. So in that small amount of time from then to now, the app gained another 10 million active users. Even more staggering: the current number of active users is three times more than the total number of signed up users ten months ago on Instagram.

After some privacy concerns toward the end of last year there had been rumors that Instagram lost 25 percent of its total user count, which Instagram denied and is clearly now false. The $1 billion startup is doing just dandy.

“So from our team to the hundred million people who call Instagram home, we say thank you. Thank you for sharing your world and inspiring us all to do the same,” wrote Kevin Systrom today, co-founder.

[via MobileBurn]


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