eBay Now Service Available Across All Mobile Platforms

eBay is expanding its eBay Now instant delivery service to all mobile devices, a feature that was previously only available for iOS users. The new mobile friendly web-based version of its Ebay Now service will enable users across all mobile platforms to have items delivered with expediency to their doorsteps.

The eBay Now service allows users to order products directly from big retailers and have them shipped to their locations in less than an hour. With partners such as Target, Home Depot, Best Buy, Office Depot and Walgreens, users can get pretty much anything they need delivered in a flash. After an order is placed, eBay dispatches one of its couriers to deliver the goods. The service requires a $25 minimum order, and a $5 delivery fee, and users must be in the San Francisco, New York and San Jose areas.

The eBay Now app has been available for iOS devices since October 2012, and was initially only available in the San Francisco area. The service has since expanded to New York, and now is making its way to San Jose, the home of eBay. There is no official word on expansion to other locations, but this service has the potential to expand to other urban areas if it proves to be successful in its current markets.

Ebay Now is available from 9am to 9pm local time Monday through Saturday, and from 9am to 6pm local time on Sunday. They also have special hours during select holidays.

With the expansion of eBay Now service to a plethora of mobile devices, there’s no doubt that eBay’s delivery couriers will be working double time. The iOS app is receiving an update today as well, which will provide a smoother graphical experience. The web-based version can be accessed at now.ebay.com.




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