Microsoft: Unlike previous version, Windows Phone 8 is upgradable

Microsoft: Unlike previous version, Windows Phone 8 is upgradable

Microsoft didn’t have a big booth at Mobile World Congress. In fact, the software giant is shifting gears and is rather opting for the “shut up and ship” strategy.

According to the company’s senior marketing manager Greg Sullivan, they’re not going to repeat the mistake and announce a new version of the platform before it’s available. And with Windows Phone 8 only a few months old, “Microsoft is in the middle of its product cycle.”

He went on to add that he wouldn’t be surprised to see some “exciting new devices and more interoperability” before they start talking about the next version of Windows Phone.

Perhaps the most interesting thing Sullivan said is that current Windows Phone 8 owners have nothing to fear from upgrades — unlike Windows Phone 7, this release supports different hardware and is thus ready for upgrades. Then again, I’m not sure that all of the existing Windows Phone 8 devices will get the new software once it’s out. Those lower-end phones like the Huawei Ascend W1 and Nokia Lumia 520 will most likely be stuck to the “default” Windows Phone 8 experience, though we may see few software patches and tweaks here and there.

As far as I can tell, that’s good news. And definitely something that should help further boost sales of Windows Phone devices…

[Via: PCmag]

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