SmartPants: Underpants that Protect Your iPhone’s Unit

You may not know it, but it seems that you’ve been inadvertently mooning everyone with your smartphone. Wait, whaddayamean? Well, according to the Japanese, your iPhone needs underpants! Japanese video game maker Bandai has come up with a solution that is totemo kawaii!!

Bandai has released a (kinda) smartphone cover that does not cover the whole unit, but rather, the unit’s unit. SmartPants are little underpants that slip over your iPhone’s bottom to  help “protect your home button.” SmartPants will sell for 200 yen, roughly $2.13, and will go on sale in March. A site was created to sell them, but it seems the underpants gnomes have gotten their hands on the stash. As of time of this writing, all the cache of SmartPants are sold out, and Twitter is abuzz with cries of longing for the product.

So far, Bandai is offering up a variety of SmartPants, ranging from normal boxer briefs to a downright racy leopard print thong. There are also striped panties, boomerang, bright red thong, strawberry panties. No Hello Kitty prints yet, but we’re sure those will be coming as well.

So Android users, looks like you’re stuck with a naked phone as there are no SmartPants for Android yet. Heck, you may be able to squeeze a pair on you Android, but they may look a little weird, especially on larger units. So stop staring at your iPhone’s junk. Grab a pair! Any prints you would like to see? We’d love to know what you’re thinking.


[Via: Register]

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