Samsung Galaxy S IV To Remain in Plastic

The Samsung Galaxy s III is one beast of a device, but there’s been one thing about the design that some users just can’t get down with: the plastic body design. In a time when we are seeing quite a few feature phones rolling out with aluminum, glass and high quality plastics, Samsung is sticking to its guns on the decision to stay with plastics in the design of their smartphones, including the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S IV.

So, why is Samsung sticking to its plastic body design? According to CNET, aesthetics are not the only factor that Samsung considers in its smartphone design. It looks at a variety of variables, such as how efficiently and quickly it can manufacture its devices. With Samsung products flying off of the shelves, keeping it plastic ensures that Samsung can meet supply demands.

Samsung is also insisting that its removable plastic back cover is more durable than other materials, because of its propensity to absorb physical impact. Samsung also thinks that the removable back cover is a good idea, as it allows owners to replace the battery if they so desire, and allows easy access to SIM and microSD slots.

Hopefully future owners of the Samsung Galaxy S IV don’t fret too much over the decision to stick with plastics for the body of the unit. With slick phones like Apple’s iPhone 5 and the upcoming HTC One using ¬†super thin metals for the bodies of their handsets, Samsung may have to make the switch from plastics soon.

[Via: CNET]

  • Guess you can’t win them all … if it’s a shock-proof one , that may help to ease the pain

  • alexxx

    Sorry, I like to own the coolest device on the market, come to daddy my little (htc) one!

  • cabbott9

    Personally I won’t purchase a phone that doesn’t allow for battery swapping. There is nothing I hate more than a dead smartphone. So if plastic is the best way to make this happen then so be it.

  • PeterSteinbeck

    Samsung you should look at the HTC One – it’s all metal, and all sexy.

  • Manish

    Its not worthy to buy such a plastic box instead of cool brand htc…

  • ThisGuy112

    Samsung is garbage.

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