Verizon’s Samsung Galaxy Stellar getting Jelly Bean update as we speak

Verizon's Samsung Galaxy Stellar getting Jelly Bean update as we speak

We’ve told you that Jelly Bean update for Verizon’s Samsung Galaxy Stellar is on the way and voila – you can get it now. If your unit still hasn’t informed you about the new software, feel free to manually check whether it’s there or not. In any case, you should get it in the next few days.

Aside from bringing all of the Jelly Bean goodies like improved notifications, Google Now and Project Butter enhancements – the updated software also packs several device-specific changes, including:

  • Support for microSD cards of up to 64GB
  • New VZW Remote Diagnostics application for Jelly Bean software
  • Improved call clarity while using the AUX Port of the car radio
  • Multimedia messages no longer show when you send group text message
  • Improvements to Back Up Assistant (BuA) manual sync and Wi-Fi connection
  • “Merge with Google” and “Merge with Samsung” have been removed from contact menu
  • Improved Spell check functionality
  • Improved network connection, and VZW Sync & Connect email server connectivity
  • S-Suggest is now longer preloaded, and Verizon app store has been removed

Hopefully, you got your fix. Even if you didn’t – don’t worry, it will be there any day now. 😉

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