Shaq Endorsed iPhone Dot Camera Takes 360 Degree Pics

Oh my god, it’s Shaq! What’s he been up to since the release of Shaq-Fu? Apparently playing with his iPhone. Shaq is promoting a new gadget called the Kogeto Dot, which is a small video camera that attaches to your iPhone and records 360 degree footage. It takes panoramic shots, as well as interactive video.

The unit takes pictures and shoots video from its accompanying app, and allows users to post their content to Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter and a bevy of other social networking favorites.

Check out the promo video below, starring none other than Shaquille O’Neil, who is obviously doing better than bad boy Dennis Rodman these days. You know you want eyes in the back of your head. The unit can be purchased at Amazon and OpenSky, and costs $49. And just because it’s Friday, I’ve also included some awesome moments from Shaq’s past below the video. TGIF!




[Via: Business Insider]

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