A Seattle bar bans Google Glasses way ahead of official launch

Seattle bar bans Google Glasses way ahead of official launch

Even though Google Glasses are still not available that doesn’t stop certain businesses from banning their use at their venues. Take 5 Point bar in Seattle, which owner Dave Meinert said that the use of Google’s high-tech product will not be permitted in his cafe, jokingly adding that “ass kickings will be encouraged for violators.”

The main idea here is to protect the privacy of guests who may not want to be seen on the Internet every time they enter the 5 Point bar.

The owner also said that using a product such as Google Glasses is against the bar’s culture, which is described as a “sometimes seedy, maybe notorious place” where people want to go and be not known.

We’re sure this is just a start with similar bans being imposed at major hotel chains which too want to protect their guests’ privacy. Then there are airports and government buildings that will quote security concerns for banning the product. Still, there will be many other places where you’ll be able to freely use your fancy gadget, as soon as it’s out and you buy one.

[Via: AndroidAuthority]

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    And now the whole world knows about the 5 Point Bar…

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