FCC Approves MetroPCS T-Mobile Merger

The FCC has ruled that the proposed merger between MetroPCS and T-Mobile is a go today, ending months of speculation and negotiation. The merger represents a great opportunity for T-Mobile, as it gives the company a chance to expand its LTE services. According to news released last year, MetroPCS customers will have access to T-Mobile’s 3G service via GSM, and the MetroPCS CDMA spectrum will transform into LTE. This also paves the way for a multitude of handsets to be utilized on MetroPCS as well. In a statement from the FCC today, FCC chairman Julius Genachowski had this to say:

“With today’s approval, America’s mobile market continues to strengthen, moving toward robust
competition and revitalized competitors. We are seeing billions more in network investment, while the
courts have upheld key FCC decisions to accelerate broadband build-out, promote competition, and
benefit consumers, including our broadband data roaming and pole attachment rules. Today’s action will
benefit millions of American consumers and help the U.S maintain the global leadership in mobile it has
regained in recent years. “

“Mobile broadband is a key engine of economic growth, with U.S. annual wireless capital investment up
40% over the last four years, the largest increase in the world, and few sectors having more potential to
create jobs. In this fast-moving space, of course challenges remain, including the need to unleash even
more spectrum for mobile broadband and continuing to promote competition and protect consumers. The
Commission will stay focused on these vital goals.”

Now that the FCC has backed the proposal, MetroPCS must still get approval from its stockholders. The board of MetroPCS sent out a letter urging stockholders to vote for the merger at a special stockholder meeting on April 12th.

How do you feel about the MetroPCS T-Mobile merger? Let us know your thoughts below.


[Via: FCC]



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