Sony Xperia S to get Jelly Bean update in late March?

Sony Xperia S to get Jelly Bean update in late March?

Last time we talked about the Sony Xperia S, we’ve told you that it will get its Jelly Bean update in April. The good news is that this could happen sooner – in late March. The information comes from the company’s Germany-based office which responded to a user inquiry on Twitter. Here’s what they said: “we will begin the rollout of Android 4.1 for the Xperia S in late March.”

And while this is great, it doesn’t mean Xperia S owners all around the world will get their updates at the same time. Users in Germany and I guess some other European countries may be the first ones to be served with Jelly Bean goodies though we hope other parts of the world will follow shortly.

As usual, we’ll keep following the Interwebs and let you know as soon as we hear something new on this. In the meantime, you can cram Jelly Bean on your Xperia S relying on the help of the FreeXperia community. That, however, could void your warranty…

[Via: XperiaBlog]

  • PeterSteinbeck

    The sooner the better…

    • sony uer sl

      sony bad

  • emeldastarr79ma

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    • What the hell has this anything to do with Jelly Bean updates? You bloody scum hawker prick!

  • I’m waiting impatiently

    • Tell me about it! And you don’t get any news from Sony!!! GRRRRR
      Been waiting for so long now

  • Xperia S user

    What does late March means? Its 25th March today and still no update or any symptons of update except rumors… very bad Sony!!! you will be my last choice in future… very disappointed by the work you guys are doing. Shame!

    • Peter

      Stop crying… its still march

      • sony sucks

        its 31st sucker!!! will there be anymore march??

        • chinaman

          its 1.4.2013 now….and still no jelly…
          it will come during this month and thats for SURE!!!

          • Still there is no update from SONY…All Xperia S users became April fool on April 1st.

          • Ashvarya Sharma

            One of the worst treatment is been given to the customers of one of the best flagships of Sony android phones…

            Still no Jelly Bean for my Xperia S!!!

          • oren

            40 min. to April 2nd, still no update~!

          • eddiescagliotta

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          • desmundbaldisserotto

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        • Eka Kurniawan

          2 apr 2013 – still no update

          • Ashvarya Sharma

            No updates yet!!!

            I might have flashed xperia s with ubuntu touch already if it was not the developers perview that was released!!

  • xperia s

    Sony is lier… No update till date it is end of month now! Shame on u sony..’

    • Peter

      Stop crying… its still march….

  • himanshu heramba

    i really loved sony to use, pls make sure andriod 4.1 comes soon

  • what about xperia SL? :/

  • daniie

    its 30th march….no sign of any update,theres a system update 6.1.A.2.55 which no matter how you try with pc or without it doesn’t work ..please kindly do something. i don’t want to be disappointed.

    • Ashvarya Sharma

      Was not working for me as well.. In the settings it was showing 6.1.A.2.55 but still was giving a message that system upgrade to 6.1.A.2.55 is available.

      Restarted my phone 5-6 time and it was gone.. But cannot see any new feature or modification in my phone after the upgrade!!!

  • ruki

    what do you mean by late march?? its almost 31st man!! not a sign of an update!!! this is obviously my final sony… will switch to samsung or nexus



  • Sven

    Forget Jelly Bean and its time to wait for Android 5.0 Lime Pie Update for Xperia S just like me.

    • xperia

      dude! do u think that it will ever arrived? switch to samsung you will never regret thats what i’m gonna do as well..

  • Roshan

    1st of April. no update yet.

  • Vitor

    This is my last product I buy from sony, is a lack of respect overpay on a phone in April and continue even without the update.

  • oren

    in 40 minutes it will be 2nd of April in my country, and still no update!!
    Sony, I trusted you!!!
    i want Jelly Bean so bad…

  • Xperia S User

    It’s almost the 3rd of April! Where is my Jelly Bean update Sony?!

  • Shira

    Well we’re fucked-up about this update. It’s almost the 3rd of April, yet, still no Jelly Bean released. Why is it so? What the heck?!

  • Xperia S user

    So it’s the 3rd of April in my country.. what a disappointment Sony.

  • Xperia S User

    I’m seriously now thinking not to purchase sony because of their customer service..i’ve been using sony phones since 2001 and the local customer support is worst now and it seems sony itself support is getting worst doubt products and their quality are great and but now getting behind in terms of software and features compare to samsung and iphone..i’m note thinking to purchase galaxy note II or S4..

  • ryan

    when is late march to be exact..??!!

  • Xperia S user

    It’s the 9th of April for crying out loud! Release the damn update already!

  • James

    HEAH finally i got my xperia s with the original jelly bean.

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