T-Mobile LTE Service Functioning in 8 Cities

T-Mobile’s LTE service has been detected in 8 new locations today, according to PCMag. OpenSignal, a crowd sourced Android app, has reported that LTE is now functioning in Denver, Las Vegas, Kansas City, New York, New Orleans, San Diego, San Jose and Seattle. T-Mobile has declared it would roll out LTE service, but without details as to where and when. Since the service is now functioning in these areas, we can assume that they will be included in the initial LTE rollout.

According to OpenSignal, the speeds detected were 25Mbps downloads and 8Mbps uploads. These numbers aren’t amazingly impressive, but we may see speeds change when T-Mobile’s LTE is officially rolled out.

T-Mobile is currently the last of the big telecoms to roll out LTE service, and has recently been approved to merge with MetroPCS. T-Mobile is planning a press event on March 26, where it is expected to detail their upcoming pre-paid plans.

[Via: PCMag]

  • Uriah Romero

    Well hopefully the new network arrives in Denver soon. I bought an iPhone 5 a few days ago, and haven’t had an LTE signal yet! It would be nice to get it soon so I can take full advantage of the speed it can offer. I keep up with my shows during the trip to and from work at DISH on my phone, since it takes some time to get there and the 4G network already works well. I use the DISH Anywhere app to stream my live and recorded shows everywhere I go and I’m looking forward to streaming a better picture on the LTE network!

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